Queen Sonja Singing Competition Receives Major Gift from Tom Wilhelmsen’s Foundation

The Queen Sonja Singing Competition has received a massive gift of NOK 10 million from Tom Wilhelmsen’s Foundation. Per an official press statement, “The donation is not to be used for ordinary operations but is intended to secure the competition’s future.” The Tom Wilhelmsen’s Foundation has been a major supporter of numerous industries in Norway. In 2022, the foundation donated {…}

Queen Sonja Singing Competition Announces 2023 Winners

The Queen Sonja Singing Competition has announced the 2023 winners. Contralto Jasmin White was named first prize winner, while baritone Aksel Daveyan took home second prize. The third prize went to countertenor Nils Wanderer. White sang excerpts from “Semele” and “Das Rheingold,” while Daveyan sang from “Iolanta” and “Faust.” Finally, Wanderer performed from “Written on Skin” and “Tolomeo.” The three {…}

Anastasiya Taratorkina Eliminated from Queen Sonja Singing Competition Due to Double Citizenship

The Queen Sonja Competition has eliminated soprano Anastasiya Taratorkina because she is a double citizen of Russia and Germany. OperaWire has received official emails from the soprano in which the competition states that no person with a Belorussian or Russian passport will be allowed to participate. The email read, “This year’s regulations do not allow participants with Russian or Belarusian {…}

Queen Sonja Singing Competition Bans Russian & Belarusian Paritcipants

The Queen Sonja Singing Competition in Norway has banned Russian and Belarusian singers from competing in the 2023 competition. In a statement, the organization said, “the competition board endorses Norway’s condemnation of Russia’s illegal and brutal attacks on Ukraine. The competition stands in solidarity with Ukraine and its citizens. Applications from singers with Russian or Belarusian citizenship will therefore not {…}