Queen Sonja Singing Competition Bans Russian & Belarusian Paritcipants

By Francisco Salazar

The Queen Sonja Singing Competition in Norway has banned Russian and Belarusian singers from competing in the 2023 competition.

In a statement, the organization said, “the competition board endorses Norway’s condemnation of Russia’s illegal and brutal attacks on Ukraine. The competition stands in solidarity with Ukraine and its citizens. Applications from singers with Russian or Belarusian citizenship will therefore not be accepted.”

The ban comes two years after Russian Soprano Maria Motolygina walked away with the first prize and 50 000 euros in 2021. That year the third-prize winner Inna Demenkova was also from Russia.

The Queen Sonja Singing Competition is set to be held in August 2023 and will allow singers born in 1991 or later to participate.