‘Liederabend With Felix Jarrar & Friends’ to Make 14 World Premieres at Opera America

“Liederabend With Felix Jarrar & Friends” will give a concert at Opera America featuring 14 world premiere pieces. Composer and pianist Jarrar with collaborators mezzo-soprano Jessica Trainor-Tasucu, contralto Allison Gish, tenor Ryan Mangan, and baritone Miguel Angel Vasquez will present a concert of the works written throughout the pandemic. The program includes “Wild West,” song cycles “French Kisses” with texts {…}

Soundstreams Announced As Semifinalists for Opera America’s ‘Digital Excellence in Opera’

Soundstreams is a semifinalist for the Opera America’s Award for Digital Excellence in Opera. The company was hailed for its production of “Garden of Vanished Pleasures” by composers Cecilia Livingston and Donna McKevitt. The work was directed by Tim Albery and features design by Michelle Tracey, digital projections by Cam Davis, and musical direction by Rachael Kerr. The work is {…}

UPDATED: Email Leaks Reveal Opera America’s Professional Development Listserv Complaining About Young Artists’ ‘Entitlement’ & Pronouns

UPDATE: Since the publication of this article, it has been brought to OperaWire’s attention that the emails as leaked online, were out of order and hence some of the responses, mainly those of Pamela Jones, Laurie Rogers, and Peter Kazaras, were out of context. OperaWire has since communicated with Opera America’s Dan Cooperman who provided the accurate context of the {…}

OPERA America Field-Wide Opera Demographic Report 2021 Shows Good News for Gender Representation while BIPOC Languishes

OPERA America (OA) has released its Field-Wide Opera Demographic Report 2021. The first-of-its-kind report provides a snapshot of the demographic landscape of administrators and board members two years after the death of George Floyd, which spurred a flurry of diversity and equity initiatives within the industry. Since this is the inaugural report, there aren’t baseline numbers for year-over-year comparisons. The {…}

Stephanie Fleischmann Named Winner of the 2022 Campbell Opera Librettist Prize

OPERA America has announced librettist Stephanie Fleischmann as the 2022 Campbell Opera Librettist Prize winner. Conceived and funded by Pulitzer Prize and Grammy Award-winning librettist Mark Campbell, the prize seeks to raise the profile of librettists, who seldom receive recognition for their work. The award comes with a $7,000 prize to support creative and career development. Fleischmann, an alumna of {…}