Reviving Saint-Saëns’ Lost Masterpiece – Dr. Hugh MacDonald on Collaborating with Odyssey Opera on ‘Henry VIII’

Despite his relatively subdued presence in contemporary performance repertoire, during his time Camille Saint-Saëns was known across the world for his exceptional aptitude and fiercely developed intellect. Having begun life as a piano prodigy and gaining compositional mastery shortly after with his “First Symphony” at the age of only 17, Saint-Saëns is possibly one of France’s most transformative, yet erroneously {…}

Q & A: Gil Rose On Resurrecting Saint-Saëns’ ‘Henry VIII’

(Credit: Kathy Wittman) Boston’s Odyssey Opera has revealed that it will be “crossing the pond to merry old England” for its seventh season, which will feature a plethora of rarely performed Tudor-themed operas by a variety of composers. The company’s Founder and General-Artistic Director, Gil Rose, recently shared some insight with OperaWire on the upcoming season, particularly its exciting opener: a quasi-premiere {…}