Central City Opera To Present Colorado Premiere Of ‘Billy Budd’

Central City Opera will present the Colorado premiere of Benjamin Britten’s opera “Billy Budd.” The opera, based on Herman Melville’s novel, “chronicles the idealistic title character’s forced enlistment in the British Navy aboard the Indomitable during the Napoleonic Wars and the moral dilemma that ensues over crimes he commits in self-defense.” Ken Cazan will direct this large production as part {…}

Body & Voice – Why Bea Goodwin’s New Camerata Production of ‘The Rape of Lucretia’ Casts Two Actors In Title Role

In Benjamin Britten and Ronald Duncan’s “The Rape of Lucretia,” a young Roman soldier is goaded into testing the chastity of Lucretia, who was the only woman not to betray her husband Collatinus. This roman soldier, Tarquinius, proceeds to show up at Lucretia’s home, awaken her from bed, and, despite being repeatedly rejected, he rapes her. Lucretia winds up killing {…}

Operavision 2018-19 Live Stream: Royal College of Music Presents ‘Albert Herring’

Opera Vision will start streaming Britten’s “Albert Herring” from the Royal College of Music, starting on Sept. 21, 2018. The opera will be led by famed Britten interpreter Michael Rosewell. Among the cast members will be Janis Kelly, Nick Pritchard, Matt Buswell, Nicholas Morton, Angela Simkin, Natasha Day, Polly Leech, Amy Lyddon, Rowan Pierce, and Michael Taylor Moran, among others. {…}

Opera Profile: Britten’s Masterpiece Shakespeare Adaptation, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

Premiering on June 11, 1960, at the Aldenburgh Festival, Benjamin Britten’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” has become one of the most renowned Shakespeare adaptations in the opera canon. The three-act work has been recorded time and again and stands as one of Britten’s most renowned works, alongside “Peter Grimes” and “Billy Budd.” Short Plot Summary Oberon, the King of Fairies, {…}

Opera Di Roma 2017-18 Review – Billy Budd: Company Premiere of Britten Masterwork Given Pitch-Perfect Production

The central drama in “Billy Budd” unambiguously rotates around the relationships between Seaman Billy Budd, Captain Vere, and the Master-at-Arms, John Claggart. However, the exact nature of the relationships and the psychological motivations upon which they are founded are shrouded in a white mist, opening up the possibility for directors to pursue a variety of valid interpretations. Many recent productions {…}