Bolshoi Theatre Fires Another Director for Speaking Out Against the War

The Bolshoi Theatre has fired Russian director Alexander Molochnikov. The 30-year-old director who was set to direct productions of Rachmaninov’s “Francesca da Rimini” and Zemlinsky’s “Florentine Tragedy,” was let go due to his opposition to the war in Ukraine. According to a recent article in AFP, several fiercely pro-Kremlin figures, including Sergei Mironov and Zakhar Prilepin, co-chairmen of the political {…}

Russian Cultural Leaders Including Bolshoi Theatre’s General Director Petition Against War

Numerous Russian cultural leaders have signed a petition for Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to stop the war. In the letter, which was signed by the Bolshoi Theatre’s General Director Vladimir Urin and prominent conductor and violinist Vladimir Spivakov, leaders said, “We now speak not only as cultural figures, but as ordinary people, citizens of our country, our Homeland. Among us {…}