Opera Meets Film: How ‘Mefistofele’ Scene Contextualizes Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ Trilogy As Faustian Myth

“Opera Meets Film” is a feature dedicated to exploring the way that opera has been employed in cinema. We will select a section or a film in its entirety, highlighting the impact that utilizing the operatic form or sections from an opera can alter our perception of a film that we are viewing. This week’s installment is Christopher Nolan’s “Batman {…}

Chicago Symphony Orchestra 2017 Review: Riccardo Muti Delivers Wondrous Taste of Italian Opera

For decades Riccardo Muti has been one of the finest interpreters of Verdi’s music. In fact, his understanding of the great composer’s style has created countless imitators, but few with the capacity of truly understanding the balance between a propulsive rhythmic emphasis and the nuance of Verdian singing. On Thursday, June 22, 2017, the maestro showcased his interpretative genius with {…}