TACT Artists Management Announces Return of Anna Fauth

By David Salazar

TACT Artists Management has announced the return of agent Anna Fauth, following a leave of absence.

Fauth, who has a degree in operatic performance from Bard College’s Longy School of Music, began working at TACT in 2018. She was promoted to Vice Managing Director in 2019 before becoming Artist Manager in 2020.

She was major driving force behind the conceptualization of the international management organization “OMAI.”

“We are pleased to announce that following a leave of absence, Anna Fauth resumes her role as an artist manager bringing her expertise and passion back to TACT Artists Management. With significant experience in discovering, strategizing, and championing the careers of global artists, Fauth brings a dynamic energy to our team with a mix of enthusiasm, know-how, and commitment,” the company told OperaWire. “Her track record of successfully securing opportunities and developing long-lasting partnerships with industry professionals worldwide speaks volumes about her commitment to advancing the careers of our artists. Her return signifies an exciting new phase, and we’re delighted to welcome Anna back to join our accomplished team.”