Suntory Hall Summer Festival Announces 2023 Season

By Francisco Salazar

Japan’s Suntory Hall Summer Festival has announced its 2023 season which will take place on August 23 to 28, 2023.

The festival will be formed of three different strands: The Producer Series MASAHIRO MIWA, Theme Composer OLGA NEUWIRTH as part of the “Suntory Hall International Program for Music Composition,” and Yasushi Akutagawa Suntory Award for Music Composition.

The Producer Series MASAHIRO MIWA

In this series, each year a different artist/ensemble is invited to curate a series of concerts from his/her/their unique point of view. This year’s producer is the Japanese composer Masahiro Miwa and known for his diverse output including works based on the method known as algorithmic composition.
Gamelan Jawa: Marga Sari / Voices: Tsumugine

Theme Composer OLGA NEUWIRTH

The Theme Composer series presents a portrait of a leading international composer and commissions him/her a new orchestral work that is premiered during the festival. This year’s theme composer is the celebrated Austrian composer Olga Neuwirth, whose opera “Orlando,” premiered at the Vienna State Opera in 2019. The new commission will showcase mezzo-soprano Virpi Räisänen and Matthias Pintscher.

The 33rd Competition of Yasushi Akutagawa Suntory Award for Music Composition

This award is presented to the most notable orchestral work by a Japanese composer premiered during the previous year.