Staatstheater Wiesbaden Names New Intendants

By Francisco Salazar

The Staatstheater Wiesbaden has named two new intendants. 

The company revealed that Dorothea Hartmann and Beate Heine will serve as joint Intendantinnen and will succeed Uwe Eric Laufenberg starting during the 2024-25 season.

The news was announced in the state capital by the Hessian Minister of Art and Culture, Angela Dorn, and Wiesbaden’s Mayor, Gert-Uwe Mende. The new intendants will work alongside managing director Holger von Berg and watch will receive a five-year contract.

In a statement, Dorn said, “With Dorothea Hartmann and Beate Heine, we have been able to win two strong theater women for our state theatre. In their respective fields, they have been highly regarded and well-connected in the theater landscape for many years. Now they can ideally combine their respective strengths in the management of a large multi-division company.”

In a joint statement, Hartmann and Heine said, “We are very pleased to be able to help shape cultural life in such an exciting and traditional city as Wiesbaden starting in 2024. As a team of two at the head of the Hessian State Theater Wiesbaden, we place the principle of dialogue at the center of our directorship: theater as a place of communication, for a diverse city and region – and in exchange with the international scene.”

Hartmann has worked with the management team of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, among other theaters while Heine has held managerial positions as chief dramaturge and deputy artistic director at various well-known state and municipal theaters for many years including the Thalia Theater Hamburg, the Dresden State Theater and the Cologne Theater.