Spotlight Artists Management & Production to Present ‘The Vaccine’

By David Salazar

Spotlight Artists Management and Production will present “The Vaccine” on Sunday, Sept. 20, 2020.

The event will bring together several musical and visual artists for a unique experience in New York City. Visual artist Kate Goltseva will join forces with Zoya Gramagin (who is also artistic director of Spotlight Artists Management and a co-producer on the project), Sara Pearson, Eugenia Forteza, Laura Virella, Ema Mitrovic, Elina Graypel, Mike Danilin, Alexander Chaplinsky, and Gene Davidov for a program of music by Offenbach, Dvorak, Leoncavallo, Ponchielli, Bellini, and Queen, among many others.

“All artists, with no exception, feel stressed during the pandemic lockdown. Along with health concerns, there is a major stress they’re losing their careers. We decided not to hibernate while all theaters and opera companies are closed and create a project that we can enjoy doing, film it, and show it to the audience,” Natalie Burlutskaya, stage director, co-producer told OperaWire. “The artists involved get a great creative energy boost, and the audience who will watch it, I hope, will enjoy reconnecting with artists.”
The project is being created in partnership with Rock Without Borders, an organization whose musicians are playing fusion, folk, rock music, and will be filmed by La Cuarta Productions.