Sound of Fools to Present New Staging of ‘The Priestess of Morphine’

By Chris Ruel

Chicago’s International Museum of Surgical Science will host the Sound of Fools presentation of “The Priestess of Morphine,” a monodrama for two voices, at the museum on June 17-18, 2022.

Acclaimed contemporary opera director Bea Goodwin’s staging is site specific, with the performances taking place throughout the museum halls.

The work, composed by American Prize for Opera-winner Rosśa Crean, with a libretto by Aiden K. Feltkamp, features sopranos Katherine Burton and Jessie Lyons reprising their roles as the notorious erotic poet Marie-Madeleine.

Using the nom de plume Marie-Madeleine, Gertrud Günther was a young Jewish lesbian caught between two selves and forced to live in the shadows and addiction during the Holocaust.

“The Priestess of Morphine” marks the debut of a new musical collective, Sound of Fools comprising Crean, Burton, Lyons, and percussionist/composer Ben Zucker. The performances will include Amanda Beaune on violin and Isidora Nojkovic on cello.