‘Soul Cymatics’ Headlines Flux Factory’s Feralpy Festival

By Afton Wooten

Jennifer Pyron’s live performance of “Soul Cymatics” will take place during the Flux Factory’s Feralpy Festival on Governors Island on July 22 at 2 pm EST. A live stream will be made available.

“Soul Cymatics” promotes deep listening awareness through breathing and humming exercises. The piece experiments with vocal textures, impulses, breathing techniques, microtones, timbres, rhythm, and text and site-specific movements.

Pyron, an experimental vocalist and writer based in Brooklyn, NY, noted in an official press release that “Soul Cymantics” includes the benefits of  “positive circulation throughout the nervous system to calm responses to stimuli.”

Flux Factory’s Feralpy Festival is a month-long program curated by Jemila MacEwan and Amelia Heintzelman that shares the work of over 40 artists. The festival takes place through workshops, performances, film screenings, durational experiences, and other installations. This year’s festival runs through August 6.