Sonya Yoncheva Releases a New Statement Regarding Online Bullying

By Francisco Salazar

Sonya Yoncheva has released a new statement regarding online bullying and criticism following a review of “Norma” from the New York Times.

The soprano said on social media, “when I did my previous statements, I knew the risk I was taking and that my words will be misused by some. I need to be precise that I am pretty much used to bad critics, I’ve received many in the last 15 years. What I am against is the spiteful, bullying way of writing.”

The statement comes following Yoncheva’s comments regarding Zachary Woolfe’s review of “Norma” where she was compared to Angel Blue, who is currently singing “La Traviata” at the Metropolitan Opera. It also comes days after she implied that many of her colleagues have stopped singing at the Met due to reviews like Woolfe’s.

Woolfe’s comparison of Blue and Yoncheva is not the first time the New York Times critic pins two sopranos against one another.  Back in 2017, Woolfe compared Yoncheva to Kristine Opolais and said he would prefer that Yoncheva sing a production of “Tosca” instead of Opolais, who was set to headline. Opolais eventually withdrew and was replaced by Yoncheva.