Sonya Yoncheva Announces New Charity for Young Musicians in Bulgaria

By Francisco Salazar

Sonya Yoncheva has announced a new charity initiative for young musicians alongside the State Opera Plovdiv.

The soprano took to social media and said, “I would like to inform you that together with the State Opera Plovdiv I am starting a charity initiative for young musicians: all students from my former school of Music ‘Dobrin Petkov’ in my hometown Plovdiv will have free access to the performances and concerts of the State Opera Plovdiv in the 2024/25 season. It is so important to give as much access as possible to culture to the young generation which is our future. I consider it a very important mission to work with the next generations and am so glad that together with the team of the State Opera Plovdiv we can support more children to get access to really exciting performances and artists, to enjoy and enrich their consciousness and senses with art.”

This is the latest initiative that the soprano has announced in the past weeks. She recently announced a new magazine in Bulgaria and her latest album under her company SY11. She has also created a concert series with her company.