Sony Announces ‘On The Basis Of Sex: A Night At the Opera With Ruth Bader Ginsberg’

By Francisco Salazar

Sony Music has announced the release of “On the Basis of Sex” soundtrack with music by Mychael Danna.

The Oscar-winning composer described the music as “a score based in two opposing factions: the old world of men, conservative thinking, and the slow-moving wheels of Government. Set against this is the indomitable team of Ruth and Marty, who embody the ideas and energy of the new reality of what America has become. The music I wrote for this new reality is exciting, stirring, full of life, direction and focus. It is an anthem for the great gift of the founding fathers to America: the ability and the right of the Country to change.”

Alongside the soundtrack will be “Music inspired by on the ‘Basis of Sex:’ A Night at the Opera with Ruth Bader Ginsberg,” an exclusive album of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s favorite musical moments throughout her life.

The exclusive collection was hand-picked by her son, James Ginsburg, President of Cedille Records and includes a number of works by Verdi, Handel, Mozart, Puccini, and Strauss, among others.

In a press statement, Ginsberg said, “My ‘notorious’ mother has stated that the one career she would have preferred to law was that of a ‘grand opera diva,’ if she had the voice for it. Unfortunately for her, but fortunately for our Republic, her school music teacher early on labeled her ‘a sparrow, not a robin.’ But opera remains the one topic on which Mom speaks with as much passion as on the law, and virtually the only non-legal subject of dinner table conversations I can recall growing up. I remember my parents telling stories about their experiences at the old Metropolitan Opera House, such as the night baritone Leonard Warren died on stage in Verdi’s ‘La Forza Del Destino’ and the double-debut of soprano Leontyne Price and tenor Franco Corelli in ‘Il Trovatore.'”

The Soundtrack is now available and the movie is set for release on Dec. 25, 2018, starring Felicity Jonas and Armie Hammer.


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