Seth Carico, Gaston Rivero & Jessica Muirhead Lead Theater Essen’s 2020-21 Season

By Francisco Salazar

The Theater Essen in Germany has announced its 2020-21 season featuring six new productions.


Tomáš Netopil conducts a new production of Wagner’s Tannhäuser.” The new production by Paul-Georg Dittrich stars Daniel Johansson in the title role, Karl-Heinz Lehner, Daniela Köhler, Deirdre Angenent, Heiko Trinsinger, and Albrecht Kludszuweit.

Performance Dates: Sept. 26-Dec. 27, 2020

Jessica Muirhead sings the title role in Donizetti’s Lucrezia Borgia alongside Carlos Cardoso, Liliana de Sousa, and Almas Svilpa. Ben Baur directs the production with Andrea Sanguineti conudcting.

Performance Dates: Nov. 21, 2020-May 16, 2021

Roland Schwab directs a new production of Puccini’s “Il Trittico with Robert Jindra conducting. “Il Tabarro” is set to star Almas Svilpa, Sergey Polyakov, Leonid Shoshyn, Annemarie Kremer, and Bettina Ranch while “Suor Angelica” is set to star Jessica Muirhead and Bettina Ranch. Seth Carcio stars in the title role of “Gianni Schicchi” alongside Lauretta Lilian Farahani, Bettina Ranch, and Carlos Cardoso.

Performance Dates: Jan. 23-June 4, 2021

Giovanni Meoni stars as Guillaume Tell with Will Humburg conductor. The production also stars Camila Titinger, Anton Rositskiy, Baurzhan Anderzhanov, and Giulia Montanari.

Performance Dates: Feb. 20-June 20, 2021

Tomáš Netopil conducts the new opera “Dogville” based on the Lars Von Trier film directed by David Hermann. The work is set to star Tobias Greenhalgh, Lavinia Dames, Bart Driessen, Heiko Trinsinger, Marie-Helen Joël, Helena Rasker, Maartje Rammeloo, Liliana de Sousa, Christoph Seidl, Christina Clark, Maria Röhr, and Martin Ludvik.

Performance Dates: March 13-May 8, 2021

Friedrich Haider conducts a new production of Nicolai’s “The Merry Wives of Windsor.” Bruno Klimek directs the new production which is set to star Karl-Heinz Lehner, Heiko Trinsinger, Christoph Seidl, Dmitry Ivanchey, Maria Röhr, Bart Driessen, Jessica Muirhead, Bettina Ranch, and Giulia Montanari.

Performance Dates: May 29-July 3, 2021


Johannes Witt conducts Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro starring Andrea Borghini, Jessica Muirhead, Christina Clark, Baurzhan Anderzhanov, and Liliana de Sousa.

Performance Dates: Oct. 2-Dec. 13, 2020

J. Strauss’ “Die Fledermaus is set stars Rainer Maria Röhr, Sophia Brommer, Dmitry Ivanchey, Bettina Ranch, Giulia Montanari, Tobias Greenhalgh, and Christoph Seidl. Friedrich Haider and Johannes Witt alternate at the pit.

Performance Dates: Oct. 31, 2020-Feb. 11, 2021

Heribert Feckler conducts “Yesterdate” starring Christina Clark, Marie-Helen Joël, Brigitte Oelke, Thomas Hohler, Albrecht Kludszuweit, Martin Sommerlatte, and Alexander Franzen.

Performance Dates: Dec. 3, 2020-June 11, 2021

Gaston Rivero sings the title role in Verdi’s Otello with Ivan Krutikov, Gabrielle Mouhlen, and Dmitry Ivanchey. Robert Jindra conducts.

Performance Dates: March 28-May 15 2021

Violetta Valéry Bernarda Bobro stars in Verdi’s La Traviata with Carlos Cardoso and Jordan Shanahan.  Gianluca Marcianò conducts.



Performance Dates: Dec. 18, 2020-Jan. 17, 2021

Mozart’s “Die Zauberflöte is set to be conducted by Tomáš Netopil with a cast that includes Karl-Heinz Lehner, Dmitry Ivanchey, Karel Martin Ludvik, Giulia Montanari, and Lilian Farahani.

Performance Dates: Dec. 26, 2020-Feb. 27, 2021

Smetana’s “The Bartered Bride” is set to star Bettina Ranch, Jessica Muirhead, Karel Martin Ludvik, Marie-Helen Joël, Dmitry Ivanchey, and Richard Samek. Tomáš Netopil conducts.

Performance Dates: Feb. 13-April 25, 2021

Richard Wagner and Vicco von Bülow “Der Ring An Einem Abend” is set to be conducted by Robert Jindra and stars Jeffrey Dowd, Heiko Trinsinger, Karl-Heinz Lehner, Albrecht Kludszuweit, Almas Svilpa, Jessica Muirhead, Dara Hobbs, Bettina Ranch, Tamara Banješević, Marie-Helen Joël, and Liliana de Sousa.

Performance Dates: April 4-June 13, 2021

Giuliano Carella conducts Verdi’s Macbeth with André Heyboer in the title role, Gabrielle Mouhlen as Lady Macbeth, Baurzhan Anderzhanov as Banquo, and Carlos Cardoso as Macduff.

Performance Dates: April 24-June 6, 2021

Ieva Prudnikovaite sings the title role in Bizet’sCarmen alongside Carlos Cardoso as Don José, Almas Svilpa as Escamillo, and Tamara Banješević as Micaëla. Robert Jindra conducts.

Performance Dates: June 18-July 4, 2021


Friedrich Haider conducts Verdi’s Requiem with Gabrielle Mouhlen, Agnieszka Rehlis, Carlos Cardoso, and Karl-Heinz Lehner.

Performance Dates: Feb. 25 & 26, 2021

Tomáš Netopil conducts Tamara Banješević, Liliana de Sousa, Dmitry Ivanchey, and Baurzhan Anderzhanov in a program of music by Mozart, Bach, and Haydn.