Schmidt Vocal Arts Announces Three New Board Members

By Francisco Salazar

The Schmidt Vocal Arts and William E. Schmidt Foundation has announced three new members to its Board of Directors, Christine Goerke, Janet Hamilton Petersen, and Chad Schmidt.

They will join existing board members Lisa Hamilton, Chester A. Schmidt III, Douglas Schmidt, and Mike Small.

In a statement, Chester A. Schmidt III, WESF Board Chair said, “As the William E. Schmidt programs expand through Schmidt Vocal Arts, the Board of Directors welcome the addition of Christine Goerke, Janet Hamilton Petersen, and Chad Schmidt to its ranks. The three new directors will add depth and professional expertise in the areas of public relations, finance, and vocal arts to the current board.”

Goerke is a well-known soprano who added, “It is my great honor to help support the incredible work of the William E. Schmidt Foundation and Schmidt Vocal Arts as a newly elected board member. As an artist, I have long admired the way that SVA continually encourages and uplifts the artistic creators of tomorrow. I joyfully look forward to being a part of that magic!”

Meanwhile, both Janet Hamilton Petersen and Chad Schmidt are a part of the William E. Schmidt extended family.

The Foundation invests in programs that create stronger communities by promoting access for all to educational opportunities and enriching life experiences. Its cornerstone initiative, Schmidt Vocal Arts engages more than 400 young singers each year, igniting their passion through access to premier vocal instruction and experiences, and fostering their talent in classical singing and vocal arts.