Ruzan Mantashyan’s Representation Addresses Semperoper Ball Controversy

By David Salazar
(Source: Ruzan Mantashyan Official Website)

Ruzan Mantashyan’s representation has issued a statement regarding the soprano’s involvement or lack of involvement in the Semperoper Ball.

Initial reports stated that she had been fired because tenor Yusif Eyvazov would not perform alongside her due to her Armenian nationality.

The Operball then issued a statement stating that the soprano had never been contracted.

However, according to Agence Massis Opéra, the soprano was hired and then removed from the program due to the tenor’s request.

“The ‘misunderstanding,’ which is alluded to in the press release, would like to attribute responsibility for this ‘conflict’ to Agence Massis Opéra,” started the statement. “In reality, it would seem instead to relate to the relations between the various collaborators of this Association, directed by Dr. Hans-Joachim Frey.
Indeed, after a first written contact in September 2019 asking us for the availability of Miss Mantashyan for the date of the concert, the written exchanges continued, without any particular problem, to deal with the various usual elements of a negotiation – contact details, program, financial conditions, visa application, etc
After about 15 email-exchanges, the file seemed complete. So there was a willingness on the part of the Semper Opernball to hire Ruzan Mantashyan for the concert on February 7.

“On January 10, 2020, we received a last written message announcing the cancellation of Ruzan Mantashyan’s participation, because Mr. Yusif Eyvazov did not wish to perform with her for the reasons mentioned in our first press release,” continued the statement. “This may have created a very uneasy situation for the organizers, but we have no form of responsibility in the evolution of this situation, which is penalizing for our artist. We do not doubt the SemperOpernball’s respectability and its general openness towards artists of all nations and cultures.”