Royal Swedish Opera Succeeds In Becoming The ‘Opera For All’ In 2018

By Nicole Kuchta

Royal Swedish Opera had a highly successful year in 2018, investing major resources to become an “Opera for All,” according to CEO and Artistic Director Birgitta Svendén.What we do at the Royal Swedish Opera is important for growth, for creative development, for culture workers, and for free expression.”

It was revealed at the company’s Annual General Meeting that “breadth and innovation, ambitious work to reach new audiences and focus on the development of digital channels” led to impressive key figures in 2018. According to the press release, 290,500 people attended performances and took part in activities, 54,000 children/youth visited the Royal Swedish Opera and operations as a part of school activities, and 481,000 people enjoyed a variety of digital offerings.

Additionally, multiple productions received, or were nominated for, awards. “NÄR DÅ DÅ” won the Swedish Theatre Critic’s award, “Half Life” received nominations at the Venice and Lyon film festivals, and the new opera “Tristessa” was nominated at Scenkonstgalan in Gothenburg in the category “Årets Brott,” or “Disruptor 2018,” for “disrupting the norm.”

The company’s Skapande skola program, along with the advancement of a three-year arts education collaboration with Wallenius Lines, helped “increase creativity among young people and to facilitate everybody’s right to culture.”

It was also announced at the Annual General Meeting that Kasper Holten’s nomination to join the Royal Swedish Opera Board of Directors has become official.