Royal College of Music Partners with Ndoka

By David Salazar
(Image Source: Official Facebook Page)

The Royal College of Music has announced that it is officially partnering with ndoka, making it the first Higher Education Institution to do so.

The partnership gives students and professors access to over six mission pages of music with around 1,000 new titles being added on a monthly basis.

“I am delighted that the Royal College of Music has become the first institution in the world to partner with nkoda,” RCM Librarian Peter Linnit stated in a press release. “The RCM Library offers a range of online resources and with nkoda we can further support our students’ core studies and individual practice needs. Having access  to nkoda’s comprehensive library will have a significant impact on student learning, greatly increasing the range of music they can experience and opening up new ways of working.

“This is particularly important whilst lockdown measures remain in place and students are looking to online resources to support the continuation of their studies.”

Ndoka is an online service that offers up a massive catalogue of sheet music. It has often been called the “Spotify of Sheet Music.”