Roulette Unveils Fall 2023 Program

By David Salazar

Roulette has unveiled its fall 2023 season. Here is a breakdown of the vocal performances on offer.

First up is a performance featuring Numimous, an ensemble by Joseph C. Phillips Jr. Audiences will get a chance to hear excerpts from Phillips Jr.’s opera “So Far Behind Now Because Then” as well as four world premiere compositions by Brandon, Branker, Goldberg, and Swartz. There will also be an opportunity to hear excerpts from Phillips Jr.’s opera cycle “So Far Behind Now Because of Then” with sopranos Rebecca L. Hargrove and Ariadne Greif.

Performance Date: Sept. 17, 2023

Next up is “Schoenberg on the Beach,” a jazz song cycle featuring early vocal music by Schoenberg and Webern featuring singer Mary LaRose.

Performance Date: Sept. 24, 2023

“George Lewis: Hearing Voices” will be presented by the International Contemporary Ensemble. The vocal works in the program include “a whispered nine,” “Apis,” and “H. narrans.”

Performance Date: Oct. 5, 2023

Finally, audiences will be able to check out Darius Jones’ “Samesoul Maker” which stars such vocalists as Gelsey Bell, Aviva Mitchell, Sunder Ganglani, and Paul Pinto. Per the official website, this new work “takes us further into Jones’ mythological world of alien birthing rituals to reveal how this family bonds together to create the savior of their universe.”

Performance Date: Oct. 12, 2023

Next up is Lucie Vitková’s “OPERA: SITE.” This new opera highlights the sounds and life of New York City, including the people who live there. The work not only shares the various sounds of the city but also includes the people and things that make it alive.

Performance Date: Nov. 16, 2023