Rossa Crean To Premiere ‘The Harbingers’ In Chicago on Halloween Night

By David Salazar

Composer Rossa Crean is set to showcase their new work “The Harbingers” on Oct. 31, 2019 at the Horatio N. May Chapel in Rosehill Cemetary in Chicago, Illinois.

The new work, which was written by Kendra Leonard, tells the story of different cultural figures of death who convene on Halloween Night to pass judgment on the fate of a recently deceased soul.

The showcase will feature Heather Keith, Jessie Lyons, Alexandra Plattos Sulack, Sarah Thompson Johansen, Ian Hosack, and Jordan Harris. Also in the cast are Brittany Jeffery, Tom Bailey, and Katherine Dalin as the Fates.

The opera will be an a capella work, which Crean felt was integral to creating the right atmosphere and mood on this haunted evening.

“There is a tendency in opera to fill every possible space with sound, and in many cases, silence can lend much more to a story’s unfolding. Silence can bring resolve, but also immense amounts of tension and anticipation for how an event will unfold. I very much wanted to challenge myself in making silence a creative tool for this performance,” stated Crean in a press release.