Ron DeSantis Cuts $32 million in Arts & Culture Funding in Florida

By Francisco Salazar

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis has vetoed over $32m in art and culture grants from the 2025 state budget.

The veto will effectively eliminate most of the state’s financial resources available for the arts. With the elimination of the grants, art and cultural institutions across Florida will be faced with immense challenges.

DeSantis did not comment on why he chose to slash art and culture funding, but said he wanted to spend less money than last year and that he decided to cut some budget items he didn’t believe were “appropriate for state tax dollars.”

The cuts will affect opera companies, Choirs, Symphony Orchestras, theaters, and museums, among other organizations.

DeSantis has targeted the arts in the past forcing book bans in schools with the excuse that they have objectionable content.