RIAS Chamber Choir Cancels ‘Israel in Egypt’ Due to War

By Francisco Salazar

The RIAS Chamber Choir has canceled its performance of “Israel in Egypt.”

The choir made the decision citing Israel’s war with Hamas and noted that it was removing the piece from its 75th-anniversary celebration.

The announcement noted, “The world is in turmoil. The Russian attack on Ukraine continues and claims casualties every day. The war in the Middle East also has no end in sight and brings endless suffering to civilians on all sides.”

It added, “In the oratorio, there is a one-sided and all-conquering power, which is represented primarily by the choir. We do not consider it appropriate to perform this depiction for our audiences in the new year, even if it originates from the Old Testament, given the current situation. Rather, it is our concern to begin the year with a request for peace.”

The choir instead will perform Psalm 122, which extolls Jerusalem.