René Pape Makes Homophobic Comments & Vows Not to Return to the Metropolitan Opera

By Francisco Salazar
(Credit: Jiyang Chen)

UPDATE: Pape has since issued an apology for these statements on his personal social media channels.

René Pape is facing backlash after making homophobic comments following New York City’s Pride Parade and has vied to not return to the Metropolitan Opera.

The bass commented on the Metropolitan Opera Chorus’ Facebook page stating, “Wow! For me a reason to not come back! Dear Met thanks for the last 35 years! What I see now…Terrible!  People who don’t know who they are are using these fantastic institution to explain to them who they should be! And if the explanation doesn’t fit the world is bad! Thanks New York for a great time in a great world! Now you ae just a rest what you have been! I feel sorry for this wonderful city! Ok, see you somewhere soon…”

The comments have since been removed. However, they were snapshotted and reposted by some Facebook users and were also shared on Twitter with some of Pape’s responses to comments.

The Metropolitan Opera celebrated Pride on June 26 with performances by Stephanie Blythe, Lucia Lucas, Anthony Roth Costanzo, and David Portillo as well as many members of the company.

Pape last performed at the Met in a production of “Boris Godunov” and is currently performing a production of “Turandot” at the Berlin State Opera.

OperaWire has reached out to the Metropolitan Opera and to Pape’s publicity team for comments.