Reginald Mobley Named Programming Consultant of Handel and Haydn Society

By Logan Martell

The Handel and Haydn Society has appointed Reginald Mobley as the company’s very first programming consultant.

A classically-trained countertenor, Mobley is also director of the Handel and Haydn Society’s “Every Voice” program which performs works from underrepresented composers.

“In his three seasons leading our Every Voice concerts, Reggie has shown his talent for finding brilliant but neglected works by composers of color, women, members of the LGBTQ community, veterans, and more,” company President and CEO David Snead stated in a press release.
“Now Reggie is going to help us bring those voices to subscription concerts as well.”

Mobley himself noted, “I have always tried to present an un-straightwashed and un-whitewashed music history, especially in the classical space. I applaud H+H for recognizing the need to diversify their performances and reach out to new audiences. I look forward to working with them to open up the audience’s eyes to an unconventional and spellbinding collection of composers and broaden their appreciation for Baroque and Classical music.”