Raehann Bryce-Davis Releases First Single ‘I Praise the Dance’ from Forthcoming Album

By Francisco Salazar

Mezzo-soprano and producer Raehann Bryce-Davis has dropped the first single for her forthcoming genre-bending, self-produced debut album, titled “Evolution.”

The first single, “I Praise the Dance,” is composed by Rene Orth and uses the electronics she utilized in her recent opera to create something more modern and immediate. Orth’s joyful dance anthem, with layers of ad libs by Raehann, has production by hip hop/rap artist Ocean Kelly.

The music video for “I Praise the Dance” was executive produced, directed, cast, and has a screenplay by Bryce-Davis. In her directorial debut, the short video highlights the journey of a young person (actor Cristina Pitter) through a maze of depression, represented by contemporary dancer Zachary Downer, until the Spirit of the Dance (RBD herself) encourages her to find joy, represented by contemporary dancer, Rachel Harris.

“Evolution” is fiscally sponsored by the Living Heritage Foundation and primarily funded through crowdsourcing.


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