Michael Schachter Leads 100-Voice Choir on ‘Make Music Day’ in Milwaukee

By Afton Wooten

Michael Schachter is set to lead a 100-voice choir on “Make Music Day,” where the Przekrój Foundation’s floating sculpture, “Baby You” will float above Milwaukee’s Veterans Park.

As the 112-foot-long baby-shaped balloon floats above the city, a chorus of over 100 singers will give the world premiere of “Przekrój’s” cappella choral commission. Schachter’s new music for “Baby You,” which he described as “primordial,” is composed of syllables, hums, and noises that express the wide range of sounds babies make, including heartbeats and breathing to coos and cries, merging with the sounds of a parent’s lullaby.

Schachter says in a press release, “The baby is emblematic not only of the hopes and dreams of potential but also of our shared humanity. Regardless of our differences, we all start in the womb and grow from infancy to adulthood. It’s profound to celebrate that we are more alike than different in the ways that truly matter.”

The choral event coincides with the relaunch of the historic Polish magazine, “Przekrój,” reborn for American readers.

“We conceived of ‘Baby You’ as the perfect metaphor to embody the rebirth of Przekrój and the role we hope it will play in the world today – to remind us that while politics and culture are ever-changing, the importance of nourishing mind, body, and soul remains constant,” said Przekrój’s Editor-at-Large Maria Kozak.

There is also a showcase of 11 of the magazine’s iconic covers, a screening of a documentary about the making of “Baby You,” and a lounge area where visitors can relax and read highlights from the publication.

All activities take place on June 21, beginning at 7 p.m.