Prototype Festival to Present ‘Times3’ as Part of New York Opera Festival 2021

By David Salazar

The Prototype Festival has announced that it will present “Times3 (Times X Times X Times),” a site-specific work that takes you through Times Square from a unique perspective.

The work, which was created by composer Pamela Z and theatre artist Geoff Sobelle, offers audiences an opportunity to experience the work live from Times Square in New York City or even from home.

The showcase is set to take place between May 1 – June 30, 2021 as part of the New York Opera Festival 2021.

The work premiered at the Prototype Festival back in January. Jennifer Pyron, in her review for OperaWire, noted that “It is not a musical walk. It is a musical journey in the form of a think piece. Pamela Z combines spoken word, commercial sounds, natural sounds, and pieces of interview based stories that speak into Times Square’s historical context. She constructs interesting happenings around several central themes but most importantly she knows how to allow these ideas space enough to breathe and foster a life of their own together.”