Promethean Artists Announces New Team Member

By Francisco Salazar

Promethean Artists has announced that Callan Coughlan has joined the team as Associate Director of Orchestral Booking and Artist Manager.

The company said that Coughlan will work in booking worldwide concert engagements for artists on the roster in his capacity as Associate Director of Orchestral Booking, and developing a highly curated list of artists that he will represent under the Promethean Artists name in his capacity as Artist Manager.

In a statement, Coughlan added, “I am thrilled to be joining Promethean Artists under the guidance and leadership of Adam Cavagnaro. I have been consistently impressed at all the company has achieved since its inception, and to be given the opportunity to come on board as the first external manager, and the only based in Europe, is a both a huge honor and exciting challenge. I look forward to working with this fantastic roster of artists, extending our presence further in Europe and beyond, and building out my own list of clients as we grow and develop into the future.”

Meanwhile, the President of Promethean Artists, Adam Cavagnaro, noted that, “through our conversations, it’s very clear to me that he fits in with the values and philosophies that have built Promethean Artists into the company that it is today. The level of care he takes, the thoughtfulness of his execution, and the instinct to do what’s best for each artist makes him really well suited for the Promethean team. I’m very happy to have someone with such fantastic credentials and experience join the team, and am thrilled that our international reach will now officially span San Francisco, London, and beyond. I anticipate a very long and incredibly successful collaboration.”

Coughlan started working at Askonas Holt in 2017 as the primary manager for a host of international opera singers as well as the head of the singers division of the Lies Askonas Fellowship young artist development program to identify and nurture new talent.