Preview For Upcoming Jazz Opera ‘Tabula Rasa’ To Be Featured At Areté Venue & Gallery

By David Salazar

Composer Felix Jarrar and librettist Brittany Goodwin’s “Tabula Rasa” has been previewed extensively over the last few months as the duo, teaming up with the artists set to perform in the jazz opera’s world premiere, have put together a successful concert series to help raise funds for this independent work.

Throughout that “Hello Gorgeous” series, the opera’s creators have let audiences get sneak peaks at music from the work. But now the team behind the opera will showcase a completer version of the work at Crying Colors,” an exclusive workshop at the Areté Venue and Gallery in Brooklyn.

Those who attend the workshop will get a chance to see exclusive footage from the world premiere in addition to music performances from most of the opera, which is slated for its world premiere on May 4, 2018, as part of the New York Opera Fest. “Tabula Rasa” will be presented by the Cantanti Project.

Sara Lin Yoder is set to take on the leading role of Kiki de Montparnasse with Frank D. Fainer interpreting her lover Man Ray. Becky Richardson performs as Lee Miller and the Jazz Singer while Eugenia Forteza interprets the roles of Thérèse, the Dada Queen, and the Backup Singer. Allison Gish, Petra Jarrar, Liz Bouk, Marques Hollie and Walter F. Rodríguez round out the cast. Felix Jarrar will perform from the piano on Sunday.