Portland Opera To Feature David Lang Opera Double Bill

By David Salazar

Portland Opera’s dedication to breaking new ground continues this coming week with the West Coast premiere of a double bill of two contemporary works, “The Difficulty of Crossing a Field” and Pulitzer Prize-winning “The Little Match Girl Passion” on July 28, 2017.

The two operas will be showcased for a total of four performances on July 30, August 3, and 5. Both works, composed by American composer David Lang, treat themes of exclusion and oppression/ “The Difficult of Crossing a Field” is a courtroom opera and follows a slave-owner walking out on his family in plain sight. The latter follows a girl cast out into the cold and watches her rise about her circumstances. “The Little Match Girl Passion” won Lang a Pulitzer Prize.

“American composer David Lang has created two deeply affecting works that are big in scope and subject matter,” said Christopher Mattaliano, General Director of Portland Opera in a press release.

Both operas will feature a cast that includes Hannah S. Penn, Lisa Williamson, Martin Bakari, Cree Carrico, and Nicole Mitchell, among many others.

Hal France will conduct the production and Jerry Mouawad will direct.