Polish National Opera Cancels ‘Boris Godunov’

By Francisco Salazar

The Polish National Opera has canceled its upcoming production of “Boris Godunov.”

The company noted that due to the war it was unable to present the production.

In a statement Waldemar Dąbrowski, Director of the Polish National Opera, Teatr Wielki, Warsaw said “Dear Audience Members, We are the Polish National Opera, Poland’s national opera. We are based in Warsaw, a city that vividly remembers the first bombs that fell from the sky during the Second World War. We are deeply affected by the war in Ukraine and the suffering of the Ukrainian people. We admire the heroism of the Ukrainians who have stood up to defend their motherland.”

He continued, “For this reason, we are canceling the premiere of ‘Boris Godunov’ on 8 April as well as the subsequent performances of the opera (10, 12, 14 April). We hope we will be able to stage the production at a time of peace.”

This is the latest production to be canceled following the Riga Jurmala Festival in Latvia canceling its entire festival.