Plácido Domingo Accused of Sexual Harassment By 11 More Women, Including Angela Turner Wilson

By David Salazar
(Photo by Chad Batka)

Eleven more women have come forward to accuse Plácido Domingo of sexual harassment, per the Associated Press.

Among these is Angela Turner Wilson, who related a story about the 1999-2000 season when Domingo came over to her and put his hand down her bra straps  and “groped” her.

The new story by the AP also notes testimonials from several backstage employees, including Melind McLain, the production coordinator of the LA Opera during its 1986-87 season; she also worked with Domingo at the Houston Grand Opera. Per McLain’s account, she made it a point to avoid putting the famed tenor alone with young female singers in rehearsal rooms and also emphasized giving him male dressers.

“We created these elaborate schemes for keeping him away from particular singers,” McLain said in the article. “I never would have sent any woman of any sort into his dressing room.”

Moreover, the report notes that LA Opera management was aware of Domingo’s behavior for several years.

Wilson was the only new accuser to go on the record, similar to Patricia Wulf during the first round of accusations. Per the AP, the other accusers remain active in the industry and “feared recriminations in a world long dominated by Domingo and other powerful men.”

Domingo’s spokeswoman Nancy Seltzer did comment on the new allegations.

“The ongoing campaign by the AP to denigrate Plácido Domingo is not only inaccurate but unethical. These new claims are riddled with inconsistencies and, as with the first story, in many ways, simply incorrect,” Seltzer stated. “Due to an ongoing investigation, we will not comment on specifics, but we strongly dispute the misleading picture that the AP is attempting to paint of Mr. Domingo.”