Pittsburgh Opera to Present Two Modern Works

By Francisco Salazar

The Pittsburgh Opera is set to perform the fairy tale opera “The Rose Elf” and the world premiere of “In a Grove” at the Bitz Opera Factory.

The first opera by David Hertzberg is based on the fairy tale “The Elf of the Rose” by Hans Christian Andersen and will star Madeline Ehlinger, Véronique Filloux, and Grace Lopez. James Lesniak conducts the production by Kaley Karis Smith.

Meanwhile, the second opera is based on the short story by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa, which inspired Kurosawa’s renowned film “Rashomon” and is composed by Christopher Cerrone and written by Stephanie Fleischmann. The work will star Yazid Gray, Madeline Ehlinger, Andrew Turner, and Chuanyuan Liu. Antony Walker conducts the production by Mary Birnbaum.

“The Rose Elf” is set to be performed from Jan. 22 to 30, 2022 while “In a Grove” will be performed from Feb. 19 to March 3, 2022. Each opera’s run time is approximately 60 minutes and Pittsburgh Opera is requiring both mask-wearing and proof of COVID vaccination for all audience members.