Pittsburgh Opera Announces New Rideshare Voucher Program

By Francisco Salazar

Pittsburgh Opera is set to debut a rideshare voucher program to facilitate patrons getting to and from their opera performances.

The new program is funded by the Richard King Mellon Foundation and will let Pittsburgh Opera ticket buyers add $60 of Uber Vouchers to their Pittsburgh Opera ticket purchase, at no extra cost.

The performances eligible for the program include ” La Traviata,” “The Passion of Mary Cardwell Dawson” and the two fall 2024 operas. To use the program patrons must have an Uber account.

In a statement, Pittsburgh Opera’s Director of Marketing & Communications Chris Cox said, “Going to the opera is a fun experience that includes more than just seeing the performance. We want patrons to be able to go out to dinner before the show, or grab a drink afterwards, and still be able to use their rideshare voucher. So we’ve built in a time cushion on either end of the performance, as well as the flexibility to be dropped off or picked up at restaurants or other locations near the theater.”