‘Piramo e Tisbe’ To Receive U.K. Premiere

By Francisco Salazar

Ian Page and The Mozartists will present the UK premiere of Hasse’s two-act opera “Piramo e Tisbe.”

Th performance, which is scheduled for March 28, 2019 at the Cadogan Hall, will star Chiara Skerath and Gwilym Bowen, as well as Australian soprano Kiandra Howarth.

Page will give a pre-concert talk to introduce Hasse’s 61st opera, which was first performed in Vienna in the autumn of 1768, just over 250 years ago. According to a letter to a friend, Hasse commented that the opera was “among the best works I have written…while composing it I always felt inspiration”.

In a press release Page noted, “We performed an aria from ‘Piramo e Tisbe’ at our 1768 retrospective concert at Wigmore Hall last January, and we were all overwhelmed by the beauty of the music. It prompted me to explore the rest of the opera in more detail, and the more I familiarized myself with it the more straightforward the decision became to perform the complete work. Because of the lateness of the planning it did not prove possible to schedule the performance on the exact 250th anniversary of the premiere, but I’m delighted to be presenting the long-overdue UK premiere of the work, especially with such an outstanding trio of young singers.”