Pinchgut Opera Presents Monteverdi’s ‘The Return of Ulysses’

By David Salazar

Monteverdi’s “The Return of Ulysses” will be showcased at the Pinchgut Opera on June 13-19, 2019.

The production will feature tenor Fernando Guimaraes as the legendary hero. He previously performed in Australia Brandenburg Orchestra’s “Handel: Heaven.” He was nominated for a Grammy in 2015 for his work in “The Return of Ulysses.”

The production will also feature mezzo-soprano Catherine Carby as Penelope with Chas Rader-Shieber directing the production.

“We wanted to complete our cycle of Monteverdi operas and he is quite simply the greatest master of marrying text and music,” stated Pinchgut Opera’s Artistic Director Erin Helyard in an interview with OperaWire. “Pinchgut prides itself of presenting the very best of these operas—as it was the most important art-form there are just so many magnificent operas with fascinating stories, roles, and instrumental color.”