Phil Kline’s ‘Four Songs From Florida Man’ Gets World Premiere

By David Salazar

The String Orchestra of Brooklyn is set to perform a new works by Phil Kline and Gregory Spears at Roulette.

The performance, scheduled for June 8, 2019, will showcase Kline’s “Four Songs from Florida Man” with Theo Bleckmann. Meanwhile Spears’ Concerto for Two Trumpets and Strings will also get its world premeire.

Kline’s song cycle features four songs, including “Florida Man,” “Waffle House,” “Thoughts and Prayers,” and “Search and Destroy.”

“I had been collecting the infamous Florida Man headlines for years before making them into a lyric,” noted Kline in a press release. “There are parallels with my ‘Zippo Songs,’ mainly found texts and madness. While those songs traced the aura of Vietnam War psychosis, Florida Man embraces a kind of American craziness that seems to do especially well in the sun. In Vietnam it was love, death, and drugs; in Florida it’s indecent exposure, meth, and alligators.”

The concert will also feature a new arrangement of Julius Eastman’s “Gay Gorilla.”