Parma Recordings To Release ‘Two Cells in Sevilla, or: Don Quixote is Hungry’

By Francisco Salazar

Parma Recording is set to release a chamber opera “Two Cells in Sevilla, or: Don Quixote is Hungry.”

The album will feature the father-son duo Walter Steffens and Marec Béla Steffens, who have weaved the stories of an unlikely pair of authors locked in an exciting competition.

The libretto, written by Marec Béla Steffens, merges the lives of Brother Gabriel Téllez and that of Miguel de Cervantes and looks at the world from their own respective confines. Téllez is famous for his pen name Tirso de Molina and Cervantes is the man behind “Don Quixote.”

The recording is rounded off by Steffens’ musical interpretation of five poems by fellow-German Friedrich Hölderlin, widely known for the intensely lyrical, idealistic quality of his work and his tragic descent into insanity.

The recording will feature conductor David Kirk and the Greenbriar Consortium. Parma Recordings will release in August.


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