Park Avenue Artists Announces Co-Director of Artistic Bookings

By David Salazar

Park Avenue Artists have announced the appointment of Greg Kastelman as its Co-Director of Artistic Bookings.

Kastelman, who has worked as a booking agent, producer, and consultant for 15 years in the classical music industry, will work with Devy Reddy, Director of Artistic Management and Book, to expand the organization’s operation and grow its presence throughout the industry.

“I have long admired PAA’s approach to artist management. My conversations with David Lai and Ross Michaels over the years have boosted my confidence in the future of innovative and compassionate artist management,” Kastelman said in an official press statement issued by the company. “Having gotten to know Devi Reddy over the last several tumultuous years of ‘post-pandemic’ booking, I can think of no one more dedicated and visionary to lead us both through these challenges and opportunities. I am delighted to bring several Unbound artists into the fold of the wider PAA roster, as well as a shared core philosophy I cultivated at Unbound Artists: we can be authentic to our core, engaged with our practice, and connected with our fans and champions; we can be talented, creative, and entrepreneurial; we can be all of these things, as long as we remain untethered by convention, and grounded by gratitude.”

He brings along several artists including Ethio-American singer, composer, and activist Meklit Hadero and Brazilian singer and guitarist Badi Assad.