Ouroboros Opera & The Valkyrie Ensemble to Present ‘La Femme Bohème’

By David Salazar

Chicago-based Ouroboros Opera and The Valkyrie Ensemble will present the Chicago premiere of “La Femme Bohème.”

The work reimagines the Puccini classic with an all-female and non-binary cast and will take place at the bookstore Women and Children First on August 25 and 26, 2023.

The opera will star Angela Born, Alannah Spencher, Beck Buechel, Marnie Baylouny, Tracey Furling, Angela Torres-Kutkuhn, Jeremiah Strickler, and Molly Clementz. Lillia Woolschlager performs at the piano and Alexis Enyart conducts. Paige Dirkes-Jacks directs the opera.

 “Our goal is always to make sure people feel welcome at the opera,” said Ouroboros Opera Co-Founder Alexis Enyart in an official press statement issued by the companies. “This is an art form that belongs to everyone and so by re-imagining who the characters in Bohème are we also re-imagine who can be included in our community .”