Operafest Lisboa Announces 2024 Season

By Afton Wooten

Details of Operafest Lisboa’s fifth season have been released.

The article only contains opera-centered events.

Throughout the festival “Maratona Ópera XXI: New Dynamics for Today’s Opera” workshops take place. The New Libretto Awards are also presented during this time.


Opening the festival is a double bill performance of Mascagni’s “Cavalleria Rusticana” and Leoncavallo’s “Pagliacci.” The casts include Rodrigo Porras Garulo, Catarina Molder, Christian Luján, Carolina Figueiredo, Jorge Martins, Rui Baeta, and Bruno Almeida. They are joined by the Operafest Lisboa Choir. Osvaldo Ferreira conducts the Portuguese Philharmonic Orchestra. Mónica Garnel directs.

Performance Dates: August 22, 24, & 26, 2024 (Palácio Marquês de Pombal Palace)

Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” stars Christian Luján in the title role. Also among the cast is Luís Rodrigues, Nuno Dias, Patrícia Modesto, Rafaela Albuquerque, Cecília Rodrigues, Alberto Sousa, and Tiago Amado Gomes. Filipa Palhares conducts the Operafest Lisboa Choir and Portuguese Chamber Orchestra.

Performance Dates: August 30 & 31, & September 7 & 8, 2024 (Guilherme Cossoul)

Audience of the Future & Inedited

The children’s opera, “Little Thumb” by Isabelle Aboulker features the Operafest’s children’s choir and Ricardo Rebelo Silva. The two children’s soloists and other roles will be announced at a later date. Sandra Faleiro directs. Francisco Sassetti provides musical direction and piano accompaniment.

Performance Dates: August 28, 29, 30, & 31, 2024 (Palácio Marquês de Pombal Palace)

Opera Satellite

“Lyric Machine” returns after its previous success. 30-minute voice lessons are offered to curious amateur singers. Lessons take place in both Portuguese and English.

Performance Dates: August 24, 25, & 31, & September 2 & 4, 2024 (various locations)

João Pedro Cachopo gives a presentation on “The Myth of Don Giovanni.”

Performance Date: September 2, 2024 (Auditorium âmbito cultural, el corte inglés Lisboa)

Zuelma Chaves presents “Journey to Music Writing” in two free sessions.

Performance Dates: September 3 & 9, 2024 (Auditorium âmbito cultural, el corte inglés Lisboa)

“V from Verismo” is presented by Paulo Ferreira de Castro.

Performance Date: September 5, 2024 (Auditorium âmbito cultural, el corte inglés Lisboa)

Up next is “Tormento,” a concert performance by Gustavo Sumpta and Nuno da Rocha. The creators perform alongside Nova Era Vocal Ensemble. João Barros conducts.

Performance Dates: September 5 & 6, 2024 (Lisbon Architecture Triennale: Sinel de Cordes Palace)

“Opera Rave” is a celebration where opera is fused with electronic, pop, dance music, and more.

Performance Date: September 7, 2024 (Titanic sur mer)


A screening of “Juan” by Kasper Holten is scheduled. 

Performance Date: September 9, 2024 (Cinemateca Portuguesa)

Up next is Franco Zefirelli’s “Pagliacci” film.

Performance Date: September 10, 2024 (Cinemateca Portuguesa)

A showing of Zefirelli’s “Cavalleria Rusticana” closes the festival.

Performance Date: September 11, 2024 (Cinemateca Portuguesa)