OPERAFEST Lisboa Announces 2022 Festival Season ‘Destiny in Vertigo’

By David Salazar

OPERAFEST Lisboa has unveiled its third edition, under the theme of “Destiny in Vertigo.”

The festival opens with Verdi’s “Un Ballo in Maschera.” The work, which will be conducted by Jan Wierzba and directed by Sandra Faleiro, will star Carlos Cardoso, Catarina Molder, and Christian Luján.

Performance Dates: August 19 -26, 2022

Next up is “American Evening: ‘Labirynth’ and ‘A Hand of Bridge.'” Tiago Oliveira conducts the double bill with Bruno Bravo directing. The Menotti oepra will star Tiago Amado Gomes and Cecília Rodrigues. The Barber opera will feature Cecília Rodrigues, Ana Ferro, Alberto Sousa, and Tiago Amado Gomes.

Performance Dates: August 27 & 28, 2022

“Jeremy Fisher” by Isabelle Aboulker is next on the schedule.  The opera will star André Henriques, Mariana Fernandes, Luís Rodrigues, and Pedro Fontes.

Performance Dates: Sept. 1 -3, 2022

João Ricardo’s “Minotaur,” excerpts from António Chagas Rosa’s “Songs of the Remission of Death,” and Daniel Moreira’s “No One and Everyone Else” will headline the third edition of the company’s opera contest Maratona Opera XX. “Minotaur” will get a full staging while the other two will be presented in stagings by four different director candidates who will direct two different versions of each presented operas. The works will star Ana Rita Coelho, Beatriz Volante, Catarina Mouro, and João Valido Vaz and the four candidate directors include Anna Leppänen, Daniela Cruz, Inês Filipe, and Rodrigo Aleixo.

Performance Dates: Sept. 6, 2022

Finally, António Chagas Rosa’s “The Man of Dreams” will close out the season alongside an operatic rave. Catarina Molder, Christian Luján, and Vasco Santos and Pedro Santos star. Jan Wierzba conducts and Miguel Loureiro directs.

Performance Dates: Sept. 10, 2022