Opera Stars & Their Families Join Forces to Support ‘Help Musicians’

By David Salazar

A number of major artists have joined forces to support Help Musicians.

Led by director Thomas Guthrie, artists recorded a new arrangement of “Where Have All the Flowers Gone” to promote the fund, which is helping artists who have lost income due to the spread of COVID-19. Soloists included in the recording are Joelle Harvey, Alex Fletcher, Hazel Harvey-Fletcher, Osian Guthrie, Inigo Guthrie, Gwyneth Herbert, Roddy Williams, Lauren Lodge Campbell, Jan Capinski, Rob Murray (and family), Luciano Ganci, Siobhan Stagg, Caroline Muller, Jake Muller, Rhiannon Harper Rafferty, Alex McSweeney, and Kenneth Benin, among others. Also participating in the video is most of the members of the Royal Opera House Chorus.

“Thank you to all the amazing people who took part: neighbours, friends, star singers, including from Australia, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, UK, and US, and a special mention to all the fabulous members of the Royal Opera House Chorus who joined in with children and families from all over, playing, singing and making noise,” stated Thomas Guthrie in a press release.

The effort has helped raise over 5,000 pounds for musicians in just over 24 hours. Learn more here.

Where Have All The Flowers Gone for HELP MUSICIANS (with EVERYONE) from Music and Theatre for All on Vimeo.