Opera San José Releases Documentary on Making of ‘Three Decembers’

By David Salazar

Opera San José has released a documentary that details the making of “Three Decembers.”

The opera will be released via streaming on Dec. 3, 2020 and stars Susan Graham, Maya Kherani, and Efraín Solís.

“To be back doing what I do, it’s a miracle,” Susan Graham states in the film. “I’m so proud of this company and its resourcefulness and creativity to actually move forward in these times and make this happen.”

For the creation of “Three Decembers,” San José Opera joined forces with Flying Moose Pictures to create a safe space for artists to be able to create the work. All the artists in the production quarantined and created their own social pod, in many cases foregoing interactions with family and friends for the duration of the project. Rehearsals were held virtually at first until the final stages when artists came together in the performance space; they were always separated from crew and orchestra musicians by plexiglass barriers. Additionally, there was frequent COVID testing with daily temperature checks, as well as strict mask and social distancing protocols.

The documentary can be viewed on the company’s official website.