Opera Revue to Present ‘Toronto Transit Comedy’

By David Salazar

Toronto-based group Opera Revue has just released a comedic take on one of the key issues in the city’s mayoral election—the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).

Known as the “Toronto Transit Comedy,” the parody features music from Mozart’sThe Marriage of Figaro” and lyrics by Alexander Hajek. The performance, which includes such artists as baritone Alexander Hajek, soprano Danie Friesen, and pianist Claire Elise Harris, aims to provide laughter and entertainment to the city amid the election season.

“Opera and social commentary have gone hand in hand since the art forms inception. Open rebellion against the ruling class or foreign invaders could get you killed when these pieces were written (Viva Verdi), but not when you put some of the most glorious western music ever written beneath some witty rhymes, now it’s just a “mythical cautionary tale,” said Alexander Hajek in an official press statement.

Opera Revue’s upcoming live performances include shows at The Emmet Ray on May 21, Granite Brewery on May 28, and Debauchery at The Dakota on May 31 and June 1. There will be a final show at Reid’s Distillery on June 4, 2023.