Opera Rara to Present Offenbach’s ‘La Princesse de Trébizonde’ in London

By David Salazar

Opera Rara is set to present Offenbach’s “La Princesse de Trébizonde” on Sept. 16, 2022 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London.

The opera, which will feature Paul Daniel conduct the London Philharmonic Orchestra, will star Anne-Catherine Gillet, Virginie Verrez, Christophe Gay, Josh Lovell, Katia Ledoux, Antoinette Dennefeld, Loïc Félix, and Christophe Mortagne.

This marks the UK premiere of the Jean-Christophe Keck critical edition and the first time that the three-act version of the work is performed in its original French in the UK. The work premiered in 1869 in Paris and would go on to receive performances in Brussels, Madrid, Copenhagen, and even London.

This showcase will be followed by Opera Rara’s Sept. 23 launch of the release of Leoncavallo’s “Zingari,” which will be conducted by Carlo Rizzi and features the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.