Opera Queensland Launches ‘An Aria a Day’

By David Salazar

Opera Queensland has launched a new daily performance program to support artists.

The program, which is called “An Aria a Day” was initiated last month with the company posting one performance every day until there is a return to the stage.

Since it started, over 120 singer shave contributed included soprano Rachelle Durkin, tenor Adrian Dwyer, mezzo-soprano Jacqueline Dark, and other stars such as Jackie Evancho, Irena Lysiuk, Brenton Spiteri, and Katie Stenzel.

“As an opera company, we’ve had to completely rethink the way we do business,” said the company’s Artistic Director & CEO Patrick Nolan in a press release. “Unable to bring our work to physical audiences in theatres, it’s crucial to imagine how we continue to share our work in other ways and continue to support our artists financially.”

Performances are shared daily at 6 p.m. AEST on the company’s Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram account. Check out more information here.